Dear BBC,

Congratulations for purchasing the rights to develop the All Souls Trilogy into a TV series! Fans are quite simply ecstatic and have so many questions. Who’s going to play Diana? Who’s going to be Matthew? What’s the Bishop House going to be like? How many episodes are going to be produced?

I’m on cloud nine for a number of reasons. BBC has a good track record with book adaptations. And BBC does a phenomenal job with fantasy series. Remember “Merlin” anyone? Last but not least, Deborah Harkness is involved in the TV adaption, which the best news a fan could ever get.

Yet, having seen the poor job Hollywood has done with a number of book adaptations, many fans are still nervous. Sadly, there’s a long list of book-to-screen adaptations that are borderline fan fiction. That’s why I’m so glad BBC is not Hollywood!

The All Souls Trilogy series is a very rare gem. And it should be treated as such. A Discovery of Witches has been listed among the top 100 books of the 21 century. If you ask me, it should be in the top 5, so I hope that the TV series gets funded soon and becomes the best book series adaptation ever done.

Like every fan, I’ll be here waiting patiently for news, rejoicing and sharing my 2 cents when we get news, and eventually reviewing the episodes on this blog.

Until then, the #AllSoulsWatch is on!

Wishing you unprecedented success.


Your loyal fan, Laura