I recently read an exchange on Twitter where fans were wondering why it’s taking so long to hear news from the BBC about the All Souls Trilogy adaptation. Well, book-to-screen adaptations are huge undertakings. Just imagine how many people—cast and crew, plus publicity and marketing professionals must be hired. And hiring is only the first step. Check the list of cast and crew working on the hit series Outlander to get an idea (hint: according to IMDB and Excel, it’s 355 people).

If you’re feeling anxious about the “apparent lack of action,” read (or re-read) Prof. Harkness’s Facebook post from last April: It is true that there is a great deal going on behind the scenes, but we are not keeping things from you to be difficult or whip you into a frenzy. Making something on the scale of the All Souls Trilogy is a complicated business, […]

All we (fans) can do is sit tight and possibly send a polite message via social networks to the BBC to let them know how excited we are about the show and hope it will be green lit soon-er 😉

To relieve the anxiety of the “waiting game,” The Tenth Knot put together the #AllSoulsWatch Survival Guide—a list of suggested activities we can engage in while we wait for news:

  • Tweet a message to the BBC, and remember to use the hashtag #AllSoulsWatch.
  • Send the BBC a note via their contact form.
  • Add a twibbon to your Twitter and Facebook avatars.
  • Group therapy available! 🙂 Share your hopes and thoughts on the BBC thread within the All Souls Gathering Forum.
  • Enter the Summer Solstice Contest from Daemons Domain, the All Souls Podcast, and AllSoulsCon. Today is the last day to enter.
  • Tell our friends at the All Souls Podcast how you found the All Souls Trilogy (you can also leave them a voice mail at 916-604-4777).
  • Visit the new stunning (and daemonic) website, Daemons Domain, and check out their Damon Guides.
  • Sample the award winning audiobooks to hear how Jennifer Ikeda brings the series to life. It’s the perfect summer activity!
  • Wine tasting, and an AST-inspired dish from A Feast for All Souls could be therapeutic, too.
  • Check back with us next weekend—The Tenth Knot will be in Oxford and will share the magic.